This is the Dave I know

A bicentennial-baby, Dave was born in Pittsburgh, moved to Brockton, Massachusetts, & immediately transferred back to Pittsburgh for undisclosed reasons all before the age of 2. He spent his formative years playing with Legos, building tree-houses and reading "Calvin and Hobbes" books. At the age of 13, Dave gave up a lifelong dream of becoming a magician to conquer the world of VHS action-movie extravaganzas. On a whim, he created the original and best 3rd sequel to an Indiana Jones film with an RCA Camcorder and an Argentinean in 1992, using a broken Atari cable as a bullwhip and his father's leather jacket.

After traveling around the world in 100 days, Dave graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Film Studies degree and a handful of epic 8mm films set to the soundtrack of “Raising Arizona.” He joined AmeriCorps® soon after graduation, journeying to the far reaches of eastern-Pittsburgh to tutor high school students, while producing videos for literacy programs.

Taking a detour into the world of web design, Dave taught himself to design and animate at the school of Barnes & Noble. He moved to Washington, DC in 2006 to work with HZDG, designing sites for clients in need of massive amounts of unholy Flash-iness. Moving on to broadcast design, he worked with a variety of clients including: Discovery, Adobe, Arm & Hammer, TLC, AFI, History Channel, Travel, and PBS. 

Currently, Dave is a full time motion designer at Bluetext. In his spare time, he can be found with his wife, Michelle, daughters, Julia and Natalie, beta-testing Cinema 4D for Maxon, talking fondly about his beagle, Sparky, watching movies, and listening to mopey rock.


Master Class for's first Collider conference in NYC.

Presentation focusing on work for Discovery, History, and AFI.


PROMAX | Gold winner for Silverdocs 2008, Special Events Art Direction, North America.
Role: design, animation.

STEP INSIDE DESIGN | Best of Web 2008 mention for 1201K Promo video.
Role: design, animation.

WASHINGTON, DC ADDY'S 2008 | Award for Halfstreet Condominiums promotional video.
Role: design, animation.